The Foxtrack Revolution a.k.a. The Magic Yellow Line

Is this an untapped goldmine for digital sports marketers?

“How do they get those lines on the field…!?”

For avid sports watchers like myself, digitally inserted graphics and depictions are something that has become normalised across a wide range of sports.

In NFL, these lines are used to show the viewers at home where the offensive team is trying to get past in order to reach a first down.


For Ice Hockey, the puck is often moving so quickly, and so hard to see for home viewers, so they digitally enhance the brightness, or add a blue ring around the moving object.

Click here to find out how they do it!

Or click here to watch more in depth videos to find out more

The reason that many sporting organisations are making the switch to implement these technologies is ultimately for the benefit of fan engagement through the deliverance through broadcasters.

Sports fans are now becoming so accustomed to the technology, that they are often finding it unordinary when the technology is not being used.

But how have digital marketers used such a new way to view sports, in order to create value for their brand?

Advertising is continually seen along these technological additions during sports coverage so that fans can be exposed to the certain outputs that are created by digital marketers.


In a time where sports data is key, digital marketers are using these new technologies to change the way that marketing in sports is used, and how viewers can engage with the sports overall.

Have a watch at this short video how the technology on the PGA (golf) tour works.

Have you seen digitally created marketing techniques during sports coverage? Do you think it is an effective way to create value across sports broadcasting?

I would love to know your thoughts!


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