‘Holey Moly’, that’s good digital marketing!

Holey Moly is a new mini-golf bar in Melbourne that is taking social media by storm.


We Melbournians are constantly on the lookout for something new to try, and creative to do with ourselves. This city seems to be going through an extraordinary energisation that is continually challenging business owners to come up with something new and innovative that will excite the people of Melbourne.

For me, currently, ‘Holy Moly’ is the City’s new cultural craze. This venue is a mini golf course with an attached cocktail bar which offers part mini-golf kitsch and part pop-culture explosion on Melbourne’s busy Collins Street.

Image result for holey moley melbourne“There are mini-golf courses out there already, and alcohol isn’t exactly a groundbreaking revolution, Tim”, I hear you asking. No, but the way that they have infiltrated Melbourne’s social media scene is quite simply brilliant.

First, the venue appealed to popular Melbourne organisation Broadsheet that Melbournians often turn to online in order to find out what is cool and trendy in the city.

See Broadsheet Article: https://www.broadsheet.com.au/melbourne/food-and-drink/article/holey-moley-opens-cbd

From here, visitors were able to see how different and trendy such venue was, offering and innovative experience with cultural references, constantly available for customers to post to their own social media accounts.

Image result for i like big putts and i cannot lie holey moley

Personally, Holey Moley has boomed into my news feed with many of my online friends attending the venue for work parties, birthday parties and the occasional date, while all posting such content to their own accounts – because this is the trendy thing to do.

Have you seen or visited this venue too? Is there another example of a restaurant or venue that has features that encourage you to post to your own social media channels and therefore contribute to their digital marketing? Do you think this is a successful method for businesses who want exposure? I would love to know your thoughts!



4 thoughts on “‘Holey Moly’, that’s good digital marketing!

  1. It’s been popping up all over my feeds too, definitely something I want to try out as it looks awesome. What exactly has been their marketing strategy? Just appealing to Broadsheet and online ads? Or have they gone deeper to make sure they really are everywhere on people’s feeds?


    1. I think just having features that encourage people to share with their friends online is a strategy in itself. It is obviously working if so many people and visiting and their is such a buzz around the venue so quickly.


  2. Yes this crazy cultural craze has already won with me. I am a victim of its fantastic marketing. Absolutely loved that place and I do not mind spending 35$ for 18 rounds of mini golf, because for two reasons.

    1) It looks pretty (classic girl)
    2) Can enjoy a cocktail or two will I attempt my whole in ones.


    1. Great to hear you had such a good time there! I was hoping I wasn’t the only one who had been exposed to this place, but obviously, what they are doing is working in a digital marketing sense. Thanks for reading!


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