Hi there, welcome to my blog You Have My Attention!

My name is Tim Marshall and I am a current student at Monash University studying Marketing.

I have been asked (probably like a lot of you too) to initiate this blog as part of my MKF3881 Digital Marketing assessment. I have never blogged before, and am not particularly gifted in online presence, but I hope you enjoy reading about my thoughts, similarities, differences, as well as engaging in discussion with me about all things involved in my blog or the digital marketing world.

I consider myself to be a pretty normal, laid back and friendly 22-year-old, so please, if you have anything to add to my blog let me know.

To begin, please have a read of my first post to gain an understanding how¬†You Have My Attention¬†has come about. From here, feel free to browse any headline or media clip from a blog post that has captured your attention. I’m sure many of you have been captured by Leonardo already!

I hope you enjoy our journey over the next 10 weeks and beyond.